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- Wear the jaguar -

Our mission is to create a sustainable and ethical clothing line that caters to Gen-z and environmentally conscious youngsters. We aim to make a statement and raise awareness about the dangers faced by wildlife as well as the need to invest in its conservation. We partner with wildlife conservation organizations and have pledged 2% of all sales to the preservation of wildlife. 

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- Visual Design -

Jangli adds a unique twist to streetwear by combining bold graphics characteristic of streetwear style with mature fall colors. This balances the streetwear aspect with a cleaner and classier look.

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- Competitive Matrix -

Between the classy and mature feel of the fall colors and the rugged, graphic, streetwear style, Jangli leans towards streetwear and is placed among high-end streetwear brands (red cross).

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- Photos to Graphics -


Jaguars are a critically endangered species but also have a bold and vicious quality to them making them the perfect symbol for what we stand for. The fading shapes represent their gradual destruction.

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 10.53.44
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- Logo -

The word 'Jangli' in Hindi is used to describe someone who is wild, uncouth and unrefined making it the perfect name for our brand. 

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- Tagline -

Our tag line symbolises the transformative quality of our clothing, its ability to make a change by helping wildlife conservation and helping you be one with nature. 

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- Typeface -


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